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My Why: Reasons I’m Blogging

August 8, 2018

As a self-conscious writer, I’ve questioned my blogging intentions no less than 1.27 million times. However, whenever my friends or family ask for recipes, question how to put together their collage walls, or want to learn how to faux-paint planks on plywood (it’s the shiplap craze), I’m affirmed that there is space in the blogging world for me.

This is your first time reading about me, and I should let you know that I’m incredibly over-analytical. Because I’m in camp overthink everything, I’m a list maker. I thought it’d be an appropriate first post to share the reasons from the “pro” column of why I’m beginning my blogging journey. Without further ado, here’s why I’m doing this:

I love sharing the things that I love.
This is perhaps the biggest reason for me creating Lovely on Lydia, hence, why I’ve listed it first. I’m the kinda gal that gets really really excited about my passions, and that excitement tends to make others giddy as well.

I like to obsess over lots of things. And share those things. See number 1.
I’m constantly torn between domesticity and independent boss-lady stuff – so I’m combining the two in the loveliest way possible. I love working in the tech world, but I also love cooking, creating and being a wife. We own our home, so I can paint the walls any color I want, wallpaper my powder room *ahem, Steven, please say yes to this*, and hang things as many times as my little heart desires. When I make the best green bean casserole that I’ve ever put in my mouth or when I score 11 Bath and Body Works hand soaps for less than $20, I’ve gotta tell the world.

I can’t find another blogger like myself.
I follow quite a few bloggers, but I have yet to find one that focuses (or not-so-focuses) on the things you’re going to find here. I get it – it’s best practice to find a niche and go with it, but I like breaking rules, so I’m not going to do that. This is my space to share what I’m digging, so I’m packing this site full of delicious down-home recipes, all things organization and productivity, the deals that I’m dying over, and home decor to boot. What I’m really trying to say is I can’t focus on just one thing very well. *shrugs*

I need accountability.
Living a lovely life is a conscious choice. People don’t just stumble upon loveliness. It’s actually quite the opposite – it oftentimestakes a lot of effort and steadfastness. My life is a work in progress, and I need accountability to reach my goals. Sharing those goals, and my steps to reaching them, is really vulnerable – however, the act of sharing these holds me accountable to many more people than just myself.

I want to help others in their journey to loveliness, too. 
I can’t be a community of one. In fact, everyone I know is seeking to live a lovely (or fulfilled, enchanting, superb, magical or other positive adjective-filled) life. I mean, who isn’t?! If those who are seeking to live lovelier can find inspiration, tips, tricks, or even just some deep fried recipes on this site, then I can confidently say that I’ve done what I set out to do.

I don’t want to copy and paste the entirety of a Hannah-original recipe in the comments of Facebook anymore.
It’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s way easier to post a link to my blog. *shrugs again*

Sometimes I just want to shout it from the rooftops. 
Whether it be a delectable chicken salad recipe, a life-changing productivity tip, or a craft made completely from scraps in my basement, I’ve gotta tell everyone I know. I’m shameless, and I can’t help it – see number 1.


These are my reasons why. There are so many more that I could share – I could actually go on for hours. (I’ll spare you.)

It comes down to my burning desire to create a place and build a community of lovelies who are actively striving every single day to make their lives better. That’s why I’m doing this.

This is the beginning of my lovely life proclamation to the world, and I’m glad you’re here to witness it.


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