I’m Hannah, and I love all that’s lovely.

A lovely life is an investment. It’s a conscious decision each and every day to make the present day a little lovelier than the last. I’m a firm believer that the events & people in our lives can be lovely if we make them – a grass is greener where you water it approach, if you will.

I’m a not-so-average mid-20-something that loves all things home decor, cooking, wifing & dog-momming, crafting & celebrating. I love the simple things, like perfectly placed pillows, empty dishwashers, & having all of the ingredients for a recipe. My home, our big grey house on Lydia, is a space full of love. I love every accessory, piece of furniture, photo, person and puppy that adorns my home. Loving something this much makes it reaaaally hard to leave, even to go to Target.

I became Ms. Kelm (the best day of my life) on a humid and rainy day in May of 2017. My husby Steven is the rock of our family and I love him oh, so much. If you’re married, I hope your person is as forgiving as him is about rearranging the furniture a million times only to move everything back how it was, multiple holes in the wall because you can’t get the spacing perfect, glitter and sawdust (everywhere), fringe and gold accents – if you’re not married, find that person.

I’m a rescue pitbull momma to the sweetest red-nose, white furred, perky eared pup that ever graced this planet – Piper Mei Kelm. She’s one of the brightest spots in my day, and for obvious reason. Piper – a.k.a. Pipes, Pip & P-baby (nicknames are a thing with me) – sits majestically on fur blankets, hops in the bed in the middle of the night and snorts so loudly, but she’s the best girl for our fam-bam.

Lovely on Lydia keeps me accountable to the lovely life mission. I can’t wait for you to relish in the little things that make me love my life – like delicious food, beautiful decor, fun thrifting finds, and cleaning and organization hacks to save more time for the lovelier things in life. We only have one life to live and we’re only granted today, so let’s make it as lovely as we can along the way.

Let’s get in touch, lovie.